CBD Infused Products by mr. Everything

Thank you for being interested in our CBD enhanced product line.

MR. EVERYTHING is a full service Premium CBD company.

Mr. Everything’s research team has done extensive research to create a healthy
product in the 4 in 1 Softgels. The “Mr. Everything” 4 in 1 Softgels is our signature
product that is receiving rave reviews from our buyers and healthcare
professionals that respectfully take a holistic approach to ailments, diseases and
preventive care.

The all-natural multivitamin, mineral, health and energy 4 in 1 Softgels, 750 mg
full spectrum, each dose includes, CBD, Black Seed, Sea Moss and Elderberry. The
4 in 1 Softgel has hundreds of benefits in one softgel. Each component of the
4 in 1 Softgels deals with a different health issue, prevention maintenance and
energy aspect in all-natural way. Healthcare professionals recommend our
product to their patients that face long term symptoms and take prescribed
medicine with limited benefits and harsh side effects.

The testimonies of the all-natural 4 in 1 Softgels are incredible and significant,
that is why were are making this product available to the community at-large.

Please find enclosed the informational 4 in 1 Softgels brochure which lists all the
health and healing components of this product.